Tubing Size: 1.25” Tubing (special)
Adjustability: Front - Caster, Camber and Ride Height, Rear - Ride Height
Weight: 92 Pounds, 41.7 Kilograms
Overall Length: 75 Inches, 190 Centimeters
King Pin Width: 25.75 Inches, 65.5 Centimeters
Wheels: 5” One Piece HQ Aluminum
Brake: MCP Special with Floating-Vented Rotor
Axle Size: 1040 - 50mm Medium
Hubs: 50mm Medium Length Aluminum
Fuel Tank: 8 Liter Removable
Body Work: EVO
Power Coated: Black, Silver 
Graphics: Team VK Package Included
Identifiable theft protection: Yes
Steering Wheel: Standard
Manufacture Statement of Origin: Yes
Shifter Hardware, Complete Turnkey Packages