News and VK Product Updates
09/02/2012 - Victory claims a third place at the Rock Island Grand Prix after being held up in the early part of the race
08/18/2012 - Victory wins the Clinton Indiana Grand Prix
07/29/2012 - Victory Shifter Kart on display in the SPEED TV booth @ the Brickyard 500 
07/25/2012 - Victory wins the NASCAR Race for Riely @ NCMP
07/22/2012 - Victory wins Yamaha Super Can @ Camden Ohio OVKA
07/01/2012 - Victory wins Yamaha Super Can@ Seymore Indiana Grand Prix by a huge margin
06/18/2012 - New custom jig underway to insure top quality and uniformity
05/24/2012 - Victory Shifter Kart on display in the Honda Booth at the Indy 500
05/07/2012 - Very good results as tested out of the box at MFG Cup
05/01/2012 - Victory Kart to compete at WKA Mancup race in PA.
04/30/2012 - P1 KRA Club Race. Fast Lap Time. Huge margin of Victory!
04/22/2012 - P2 KRA Club Race. Fast Lap Time
03/20/2012 - Continued component testing VKS12 Axles
03/15/2012 - Victory Kart VKS12 tested at NCMP 
03/05/2012 - Victory Kart VKS12 tested at Carolina Motorsports Park
02/25/2012 - Private testing done
02/12/2012 - MiroDot U.S. selected as Theft Prevention Agent